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Portàtil: Ahtec Sense XHL90

Ja fa bastant temps que tinc el meu portàtil i que vaig prometre escriure un apunt sobre aquest, així que m’hi poso d’una vegada… Pels qui no hagueu seguit la conversa a la llista, el Nadal passat vaig comprar el meu primer portàtil, un Ahtec Sense XHL90. La configuració per la qual em vaig decidir […]

Freevial, a trivia game for community events

Freevial is a trivia-like questions and answers game which has been created by the Catalan LoCo Team. We play at least one match at all our events and its great fun, so we have decided that we want to go international and share it with any other group who wants to use it. You can […]

Getting your scanner to work with Ubuntu (gt68xx)

You try to use your scanner with XSane but it says that it cannot open the device and gives you the error «invalid argument»? If so, I may have an easy solution for you! First of all, and after ensuring that you have the package sane-utils installed, open a terminal and run «scanimage -L». Look […]

Packaging: Test-building your packages

Short version: how to test-build Debian/Ubuntu packages in a chroot Install package «ubuntu-dev-tools» (version 0.63 or higher) and then do the following for every distribution for which you want to build packages (replacing "jaunty" everywhere with the codename of the distribution you want; both Ubuntu and Debian releases will work): «ln -s /usr/bin/pbuilder-dist /usr/local/bin/pbuilder-jaunty; pbuilder-jaunty […]

Eject CD locked by a Wine application

[English] And here is another quick tip related to CD trays. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will find this problem: you own some Windows game with two installation CDs and want to try it with Wine, but when it asks you to insert the second disk you find that the tray is […]

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