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Google Gears per a l’Ubuntu de 64 bits

Avui només deixo una petita nota, per dir que qui vulgui instal·lar Google Gears per al Firefox a l’Ubuntu el pot trobar a, tant per a 32 com per a 64 bits (tot i que Google no ofereix aquesta darrera versió!). Per a qui no ho sàpiga, Google Gears és una extensió que afegeix […]

Ctrl + Alt + Retrocés, recuperant l’arma de doble fil

Fa un parell d’anys vaig escriure un apunt comentant la combinació de tecles Ctrl + Alt + Retrocés (la qual serveix per a reiniciar l’entorn gràfic) i explicant com desactivar aquesta per evitar el risc de prémer-la de forma accidental i perdre tot el que estigui obert. Doncs bé, amb l’última versió de l’Ubuntu, la […]

Using RAM space for /tmp

I have 4 GB of RAM but so far never needed more than half of them, so one day I told me: «why don’t I move /tmp into the RAM so that it’s faster?» (it also has some other benefits, like that when you power off the data there gets removed in a more safely […]

One week with Debian

Jaunty was a great experience, until around a month (or perhaps a bit more) ago, when my nice ext4 file systems started to get corrupt on daily basis and I had to reinstall, this time choosing ext3 and telling myself I wouldn’t touch ext4 ever again (or at least not within the next 6 months, […]

Reducing SSH’s connection time on Ubuntu

If you use SSH on your local network you may suffer from the annoyance that logging in takes several seconds (before you are asked for the password, if you aren’t using SSH keys for authentication, which by the way is something you should consider doing :)). Well, so I’ve found a fix for this on […]

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