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eSpeak GUI 0.4 is out!

A few of you may remember espeak-gui, a graphical user interface for eSpeak I did release two years ago. While I haven’t been dedicating much time to it, it’s still alive and I’m happy to announce its fourth release! This new release introduced automatic language guessing, a feature I’ve wanted for a while, as well […]

On Intel AppUp, the ExoPC Slate, MeeGo and Ubuntu 10.10

Introduction (Intel Rocks!) Last Wednesday I attended the Intel AppUp Developer Day, a workshop where Intel employees presented the MeeGo stack and introduced Intel AppUp, a software center which will be shipping in netbooks/tablets/carputers/etc. There was also a live demo on how to design interfaces with QML and one of the Angry Birds creator said […]

Debious – A dubious Debian packaging GUI

Just some little (unfinished) concept mockup. Seeing that much of it still ends up as a “text box with syntax highlighting” it’d probably make sense to implement it as a gedit plugin. Balsamiq source XML

GPG key signing with CAFF

I’ve finally got around to doing my homework from FOSDEM and since I’m sure before long I’ll have forgotten again how all this works, let me write it down here. 1. Installing CAFF (CA – Fire and Forget) Easy. sudo aptitude install signing-party 2. Configuring CAFF For this we open up ~/.caffrc and write in […]

You no longer have an excuse not to look at Python Snippets!

You’ve probably already heard of Jono Bacon’s effort to create a collection of Python snippets and of Acire, the application to browse through them. If you’re interested in developing something with Python you should really take a look at those 115 (and couting!) awesome snippets, ranging from the most basic stuff to more advanced examples […]

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