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eSpeak GUI 0.4 is out!

A few of you may remember espeak-gui, a graphical user interface for eSpeak I did release two years ago. While I haven’t been dedicating much time to it, it’s still alive and I’m happy to announce its fourth release! This new release introduced automatic language guessing, a feature I’ve wanted for a while, as well […]

Sudoku solving with Python and SAT

At Logic class last week we saw how to solve a Sudoku using SAT and for fun I decided to actually try this out using Python. It turned out to be pretty trivial to implement and I thought I’d share the experience. First of all let’s see how the Sudoku problem was described at class: […]

You no longer have an excuse not to look at Python Snippets!

You’ve probably already heard of Jono Bacon’s effort to create a collection of Python snippets and of Acire, the application to browse through them. If you’re interested in developing something with Python you should really take a look at those 115 (and couting!) awesome snippets, ranging from the most basic stuff to more advanced examples […]

espeak-gui 0.2

Yesterday I did a first release of espeak-gui, so while I’m still in practice I’ve decided to get out a second one! The main changes are fixing a crash bug and… internationalization support. So, if you like this project but you’re not a coder, now you’ve got a way to contribute: translating it into your […]

Introducing espeak-gui

I’m joining the hype of presenting little new projects there seems to be those days, unleashing the first version of espeak-gui, a graphical interface to let the computer read out text. Why, when, who? The project started almost a year ago when, out of curiosity on what writing Python bindings for C/C++ libraries is like, […]

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