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GNOME Activity Journal, and installing it on Ubuntu

As already announced by Seif, the first development release of the GNOME Activity Journal (what was formerly known as GNOME Zeitgeist) is finally out! While several sources have already propagated the good news, what doesn’t seem to be so widely known is how easy it is to get the Activity Journal running on Ubuntu. Because […]

espeak-gui 0.2

Yesterday I did a first release of espeak-gui, so while I’m still in practice I’ve decided to get out a second one! The main changes are fixing a crash bug and… internationalization support. So, if you like this project but you’re not a coder, now you’ve got a way to contribute: translating it into your […]

Introducing espeak-gui

I’m joining the hype of presenting little new projects there seems to be those days, unleashing the first version of espeak-gui, a graphical interface to let the computer read out text. Why, when, who? The project started almost a year ago when, out of curiosity on what writing Python bindings for C/C++ libraries is like, […]

GPL: Not here

Zeitgeist Hackfest (II)

So here we are at the Zeitgeist Hackfest and there’s quite some stuff going on. From the engine side we are implementing a new database and API which does a clean cut between what is event logging and what is repository functionality. What this means for Zeitgeist is that we won’t do annotations anymore and […]

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