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Debian Games Team Meeting

This announcement was provided by Martin Erik Werner. I’m reproducing it for Planet Ubuntu. The Debian/Ubuntu Games Team is organizing another meeting. If you’re into developing and/or packaging of games, or just generally curious about games in Debian/Ubuntu, you should join! It will be held next Saturday, the 26th of November, in the #debian-games channel […]

Debious – A dubious Debian packaging GUI

Just some little (unfinished) concept mockup. Seeing that much of it still ends up as a “text box with syntax highlighting” it’d probably make sense to implement it as a gedit plugin. Balsamiq source XML

How to help with package screenshots

By now most of you should have noticed that nifty feature that Add/Remove applications and Synaptic got a few months ago – being able to fetch a screenshot for every package, as can be seen in the image below. What maybe isn’t that well-known is, where do those images actually come from? Easy: they are […]

Packaging: Test-building your packages

Short version: how to test-build Debian/Ubuntu packages in a chroot Install package «ubuntu-dev-tools» (version 0.63 or higher) and then do the following for every distribution for which you want to build packages (replacing "jaunty" everywhere with the codename of the distribution you want; both Ubuntu and Debian releases will work): «ln -s /usr/bin/pbuilder-dist /usr/local/bin/pbuilder-jaunty; pbuilder-jaunty […]

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