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Here is Zeitgeist 0.2.1!

One month after the first Zeitgeist release (0.2), here is Zeitgeist 0.2.1! This version, which is fully backwards compatible with the previous release, fixes a couple of issues, provides enhanced performance and removes the dependency on Storm and on a patches PyGTK+ version. Here is the full changelog: – Added compatibility with Python version 2.5. […]

Introduction to Zeitgeist 0.2’s API

So now that Zeitgeist 0.2.0 is out I’ve thought I’d write down some examples of how to use it’s API to get information from it. Please keep in mind that this is a development version and the API isn’t guaranteed to be stable (and I can tell you now, many of them will change). If […]

Zeitgeist is out!

World, the first Zeitgeist release is out! From the release announcement (slightly modified): ««« With great joy and excitement, the Zeitgeist Team is proud to announce Zeitgeist 0.2 codename: okidoki), the first public release of the ultimate service for event logging (yes, there was no 0.1 announcement, we are too cool for that). Zeitgeist is […]

Zeitgeist since UDS

Quite some stuff has been going on in Zeitgeist since UDS, including the addition of two new developers to our team: Mikkel Kamstrup and Markus Korn, who both have been doing awesome work! As planned, we split the project into the engine (Zeitgeist) and the default graphical user interface (GNOME Activity Journal), but during this […]

UDS 2009

This being the first time I’m in person at a UDS, I know how difficult it is to follow it remotely and thus my intention was to blog about it daily, but now that I’ve been there I see why there aren’t many people doing this – it’s just too busy ;). Anyway, now that […]

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