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A gentle introduction to Zeitgeist’s Python API

In this post I’ll make a quick introduction by example on how to use Zeitgeist’s Python API for good and profit. If you’re interested in using Zeitgeist from C instead, see the libzeitgeist examples; to use it with C++/Qt, Trever’s «a web browser in 4 steps» may be of interest. First things first In case […]

eSpeak GUI 0.4 is out!

A few of you may remember espeak-gui, a graphical user interface for eSpeak I did release two years ago. While I haven’t been dedicating much time to it, it’s still alive and I’m happy to announce its fourth release! This new release introduced automatic language guessing, a feature I’ve wanted for a while, as well […]

Activity Log Manager for Zeitgeist released!

On behalf of the Activity Log Manager team and the Zeitgeist Project, I am happy to announce the first release of Activity Log Manager (0.8.0), a user interface for managing Zeitgeist blacklists, deleting recent events as well as temporarily pausing the logging. Grab it while it's hot. Note that you'll need Zeitgeist 0.8.0 (or later) for it […]

Yet another GUADEC post

I haven’t blogged for quite a few weeks, so I guess it’s time I revive my blog, and what better way to do this than writing about how awesome GUADEC was? :) Saturday 25 I went to the Barcelona airport to take a plane at twelve. The plane started almost two hours later because part […]

Zeitgeist 0.3.3 is out!

From the release announcement: On behalf of the Zeitgeist Project team, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Zeitgeist 0.3.3. It introduces an improved relationship algorithm, new sorting types for queries, a data-source registry (providing the possibility of easily disabling individual loggers) and several bug fixes and other enhancements. What is Zeitgeist? Zeitgeist […]

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