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Another GNOME Shell post: what do you think about the window list?

It’s already a few months since my two posts on gnome-shell, so here is another one. I hadn’t looked at it for some time, but now I’ve checked it out again and although the visible changes aren’t all too big you can see it has a bit more form now (FUSA works now on it, […]

Call for feedback: Removing the Run dialog with GNOME Shell

I was about to do some work for GNOME Shell’s “Run Dialog” when Colin Walters raised an interesting question: «<walters> I’m sort of unsure actually whether it makes sense to have a run dialog; seems to overlap a lot with where we want to go with the overlay search» (clarification: overlay is the mode into […]

Installing GNOME Shell in Ubuntu Intrepid

I’ve read in Jono‘s blog that the development of GNOME Shell (which in turn may become a component of GNOME 3.0) has already started and wanted to try it out (and contribute :)). As this process wasn’t as trivial as I’d have liked (although I had awesome assistance from Colin Walters, Owen Taylor and some […]

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