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Debian Games Team Meeting

This announcement was provided by Martin Erik Werner. I’m reproducing it for Planet Ubuntu. The Debian/Ubuntu Games Team is organizing another meeting. If you’re into developing and/or packaging of games, or just generally curious about games in Debian/Ubuntu, you should join! It will be held next Saturday, the 26th of November, in the #debian-games channel […]

A list of some commercial GNU/Linux games

I thought I’d be nice to make a little list of some of the GNU/Linux games I’ve tried out this past year. I’ve tried to keep the list heterogeneous (different game genres, all from different producers, some freshly released and some quite older…). I’ve also decided to only include commercial games in this post; if […]

Freevial, a trivia game for community events

Freevial is a trivia-like questions and answers game which has been created by the Catalan LoCo Team. We play at least one match at all our events and its great fun, so we have decided that we want to go international and share it with any other group who wants to use it. You can […]

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