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Packaging: Test-building your packages

Short version: how to test-build Debian/Ubuntu packages in a chroot Install package «ubuntu-dev-tools» (version 0.63 or higher) and then do the following for every distribution for which you want to build packages (replacing "jaunty" everywhere with the codename of the distribution you want; both Ubuntu and Debian releases will work): «ln -s /usr/bin/pbuilder-dist /usr/local/bin/pbuilder-jaunty; pbuilder-jaunty […]

Introduction to Debian’s Bug Tracking System (BTS)

I assume you all know that Ubuntu is based on Debian, and that a lot of the packages available in the repositories are directly “copied” from Debian. Some of this packages, however, have been patched by Ubuntu developers and thus have diverged from those in Debian: such packages have to be merged (i.e., the same […]

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