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Debian Games Team Meeting

This announcement was provided by Martin Erik Werner. I’m reproducing it for Planet Ubuntu. The Debian/Ubuntu Games Team is organizing another meeting. If you’re into developing and/or packaging of games, or just generally curious about games in Debian/Ubuntu, you should join! It will be held next Saturday, the 26th of November, in the #debian-games channel […]

Debious – A dubious Debian packaging GUI

Just some little (unfinished) concept mockup. Seeing that much of it still ends up as a “text box with syntax highlighting” it’d probably make sense to implement it as a gedit plugin. Balsamiq source XML

GPG key signing with CAFF

I’ve finally got around to doing my homework from FOSDEM and since I’m sure before long I’ll have forgotten again how all this works, let me write it down here. 1. Installing CAFF (CA – Fire and Forget) Easy. sudo aptitude install signing-party 2. Configuring CAFF For this we open up ~/.caffrc and write in […]


My dear Ubuntu, I think the time has come that I make a confession. You may be wondering why I haven’t spent much time with you those last months, and you have the right to know. The case is, I have another one. She’s called Debian. No, it’s not because of you. It’s also not […]

GNOME Activity Journal, and installing it on Ubuntu

As already announced by Seif, the first development release of the GNOME Activity Journal (what was formerly known as GNOME Zeitgeist) is finally out! While several sources have already propagated the good news, what doesn’t seem to be so widely known is how easy it is to get the Activity Journal running on Ubuntu. Because […]

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