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I want a mailing list & forum hybrid

There are some thoughts which are repeating in my head for years, and I’ve just decided its time that I write them down. When it comes to non-instantly many-to-many communication, there are to big systems currently in use: forums and mailing lists. What annoys me that much about those is that both systems are actually […]

Joining the vrms meme…

Oh well, there’s another meme around and I can’t resist joining it… [rainct, ~]$ vrms bash: vrms: command not found Whoops!

How to help with package screenshots

By now most of you should have noticed that nifty feature that Add/Remove applications and Synaptic got a few months ago – being able to fetch a screenshot for every package, as can be seen in the image below. What maybe isn’t that well-known is, where do those images actually come from? Easy: they are […]

Here is Zeitgeist 0.2.1!

One month after the first Zeitgeist release (0.2), here is Zeitgeist 0.2.1! This version, which is fully backwards compatible with the previous release, fixes a couple of issues, provides enhanced performance and removes the dependency on Storm and on a patches PyGTK+ version. Here is the full changelog: – Added compatibility with Python version 2.5. […]

Introduction to Zeitgeist 0.2’s API

So now that Zeitgeist 0.2.0 is out I’ve thought I’d write down some examples of how to use it’s API to get information from it. Please keep in mind that this is a development version and the API isn’t guaranteed to be stable (and I can tell you now, many of them will change). If […]

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