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Zeitgeist 0.3.3 is out!

From the release announcement: On behalf of the Zeitgeist Project team, I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Zeitgeist 0.3.3. It introduces an improved relationship algorithm, new sorting types for queries, a data-source registry (providing the possibility of easily disabling individual loggers) and several bug fixes and other enhancements. What is Zeitgeist? Zeitgeist […]

Automatic music rating

The problem I like listening to music while I’m programming. However, I have lots of music on my computer and I don’t really like all of it (or find it appropriate as background music for when I’m programming). I guess I could spend a few evenings going through my music collection, deleting anything I don’t […]

You no longer have an excuse not to look at Python Snippets!

You’ve probably already heard of Jono Bacon’s effort to create a collection of Python snippets and of Acire, the application to browse through them. If you’re interested in developing something with Python you should really take a look at those 115 (and couting!) awesome snippets, ranging from the most basic stuff to more advanced examples […]

Zeitgeist Data-Source Registry

This post is about an upcoming feature in Zeitgeist 0.3.3 and is so far only available in checkouts from trunk or our PPA. It is expected to be released within the next weeks. Some weeks ago I implemented a new feature in Zeitgeist and I figured I’d drop some lines about it. I’m talking about […]


My dear Ubuntu, I think the time has come that I make a confession. You may be wondering why I haven’t spent much time with you those last months, and you have the right to know. The case is, I have another one. She’s called Debian. No, it’s not because of you. It’s also not […]

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