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Breu introducció al sistema de control de versions Subversion (SVN)

Us deixo aquí una breu introducció al Subversion (SVN), un sistema de control de versions (VCS) per al desenvolupament cooperatiu d’aplicacions informàtiques. El Subversion permet únicament una forma de treballar centralitzada i no el trobo gaire agradable d’utilitzar, de manera que si tens l’opció et recomano que utilitzis un sistema més modern com ara el […]

Breu introducció al sistema de control de versions Bazaar

Introducció A l'hora de desenvolupar aplicacions informàtiques en grup és molt important disposar d'un sistema de control de versions (VCS, version control system). Explicat molt breument, els VCS són eines de desenvolupament que permeten desar captures del codi font (revisions) creant tot un historial de canvis a mida que avança el desenvolupament del programa; a més, permeten […]

A list of some commercial GNU/Linux games

I thought I’d be nice to make a little list of some of the GNU/Linux games I’ve tried out this past year. I’ve tried to keep the list heterogeneous (different game genres, all from different producers, some freshly released and some quite older…). I’ve also decided to only include commercial games in this post; if […]

Language Identification and it’s state in Free Software

Working on a new feature for eSpeak GUI I started looking into language identification. Forcing users to manually choose the text’s language is a botheration, so trying to guess it by checking which system dictionary contains the most words from the text or some other method would surely be beneficial. After a quick search I […]

Experiments with image recognition

It’s summer, which means: I’ve got time for some crazy experiments! As you may know, two years ago I played around with voice recognition. My original idea for this summer was to do some robotics stuff, but unfortunately I’ve had problems getting the serial connection to work. But don’t worry, because I’ve found something else to do. […]

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