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No sound problem with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

I don’t really play much, but of the few games I know Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is probably the one with which I’ve spend the most time so far. By featuring multiple player roles (soldier, engineer, medic, etc.) and, even while being multiplayer, nice objective-based scenarios, it provides for much better experience that many other more […]

GPL: Not here

Zeitgeist Hackfest (II)

So here we are at the Zeitgeist Hackfest and there’s quite some stuff going on. From the engine side we are implementing a new database and API which does a clean cut between what is event logging and what is repository functionality. What this means for Zeitgeist is that we won’t do annotations anymore and […]

Zeitgeist Hackfest

Just a quick note to mention that tomorrow I’m leaving for Bolzano for a week, for the Zeitgeist Hackfest. I’m really looking forward to meeting all the team there! My initial idea for this post was to write about some of the upcoming changes in the engine, as we’ve been discussing quite some improvements lately, […]

I want a mailing list & forum hybrid

There are some thoughts which are repeating in my head for years, and I’ve just decided its time that I write them down. When it comes to non-instantly many-to-many communication, there are to big systems currently in use: forums and mailing lists. What annoys me that much about those is that both systems are actually […]

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