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I’m thinking about doing an internship this summer, so if you know of some programming related company in the area of Barcelona where they might be interested in taking someone I’d be grateful if you tell me :). I’m a 17 year old technological baccalaureate student with experience in XHTML, CSS, PHP, Python and Debian/Ubuntu […]

Catalan Ubuntu Youth

We have recently decided to created a sub-group of the Catalan LoCo Team only for the youth, with the idea to focus on approaching other young people to the Free Software world and to create a space where we can speak about those thinks that interest us, without having the entire community listening. As a […]

One year of LoCo…

Catalan Hardy Release Party

Last Saturday, the 26th April, we (the Catalan LoCo Team) hold a Release Party in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona), with an install party lasting all day. We had the support from the local town council and it was a real success. During the morning I ran a short packaging jam for the more experienced attendants […]

Random stuff about this and that

Sorry to disappoint you, but yes, this boring guy is still around and bloggin’ :). With school, a WordPress upgrade (see below for more details), the strange fact that I only have ideas for posts when I can’t write them, etc. this has been pretty abandoned for some months but well, I guess I’ll be […]

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