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Catching up with that other system

GNU/Linux is improving fast and can already replace Windows in almost all cases, but there are still some areas where we really have to catch up with what is currently the most used operating system. I mean, come one, we don’t even have a Blue Screen of Death! Well, now this is no longer true. […]

Ubiquity – Connecting the web with language

Today I’ve discovered about the existence of the Ubiquity project, but no, not Ubuntu’s installer – this Ubiquity, from Mozilla Labs, is a really curious plugin for Firefox. Ubiquity allows you to execute web related actions by writing commands with a natural syntax, in a way somewhat similar to Gnome Do. I’m not going to […]

Writing a command and control application with voice recognition

Have you ever dreamed about controlling your PC with voice commands? Well, now you can (though only some specific actions)! What do I need? – A computer with Ubuntu (you can still do the same on other distributions, but this post won’t cover that). – A microphone (a cheap one will do). – Some application(s) […]

XML Internationalization

Hey, Okay, I know this is not a forum, but I wanted to ask for recommendations about what’s the best way handle internationalization of XML documents (of the content in it, of course, not the tags themselves). More details about why I’m asking this will come later :). Thanks.

If you don’t want to waste 1 hour debugging…

… call gtk.gdk.threads_init() when you want to work with threads in a PyGTK application. Well, to not leave this post so short, I’ll also refer a post explaning threads on PyGTK which looks quite good (I didn’t look carefuly at it because I already knew 99% of what it says… it’s a pity that because […]

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