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Standalone desktop widgets with PyGTK+

Now that I’ve got a new computer I decided to give gdesklets a try and I have to say, I am not excited. Most of them don’t even work, and I don’t really like those which do work, so I ended up with only one single desklet enabled, “Quote of the Day”, and for a […]

Winter (or: Random Notes)

The domain was unavailable for a few weeks, but everything should be okay again. So, if anyone (anyone, anyone…) out there happened to read my blog, he can do so again. Now, I should go pray for Google to index me again fast :P. The previous point also means that if you’ve send me […]

Nautilus: File size below the icons

If you like to play around with all sort of settings, you may have noticed that if you increase the zoom in Nautilus (Nautilus is GNOME’s file manager; ie., the window which opens when you go to Places -> Home Folder on a standard Ubuntu system) some additional information is displayed under the icons: the […]

Top WordPress plugins

Yesterday I updated my WordPress installation to 2.7, so now I could tell you how great the update was. Actually, I’ll do. I didn’t update to 2.6 until a few weeks ago because I didn’t want anything to break (bad experience from my previous update) and I was annoyed to see that now I’ve to […]

Call for feedback: Removing the Run dialog with GNOME Shell

I was about to do some work for GNOME Shell’s “Run Dialog” when Colin Walters raised an interesting question: «<walters> I’m sort of unsure actually whether it makes sense to have a run dialog; seems to overlap a lot with where we want to go with the overlay search» (clarification: overlay is the mode into […]

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