Here’s a list of some random vim commands I found useful:

v} → selects until the next closing bracket
va} → selects the current block

di( → delete inside the next (…)
di” → delete inside the next “…”

zf → fold
zd → unfold
za → toggle fold
zr → reduce folding one level (globally)
zR → unfold all
zm → increase folding one level (globally
zM → fold all
set foldmethod = {manual, syntax, indent}

:E → file browser
Ctrl+6 → switch between the currently active file and {file browser, last file}

Ctrl+w v / :vsp → vertical split
Ctrl+w q / :q → clonse one
:tabnew → create new tab
:tabdo [cmd] → execute [cmd] in all tabs (active window only)