A few of you may remember espeak-gui, a graphical user interface for eSpeak I did release two years ago. While I haven’t been dedicating much time to it, it’s still alive and I’m happy to announce its fourth release!

This new release introduced automatic language guessing, a feature I’ve wanted for a while, as well as spell checking (contributed by Joe Burmeister).

Version 0.3, released a year ago and which I didn’t announce here, did also introduce Undo/Redo, pausing, file history logging, a bunch of translations and some voice options. It’s sister project, python-espeak, did also get some bug fixes since its first release.

As usual, packages for both espeak-gui and python-espeak are available in my PPA, and since last month in Debian unstable. Make sure you also install libtextcat0 (version 2.2-8 or newer) to get the language identification support.