I haven’t blogged for quite a few weeks, so I guess it’s time I revive my blog, and what better way to do this than writing about how awesome GUADEC was? :)

Saturday 25

I went to the Barcelona airport to take a plane at twelve. The plane started almost two hours later because part of the airport was closed for inspection or something, but I finally arrived at Amsterdam. There I took a train to Den Haag and after half an hour of enjoying the green view through the window I arrived at Central Station.

Ten minutes later I entered the hotel and found Clemens and the others from invented here. We went to RevSpace for a while. There wasn’t much going on (the GNU Hackers meeting was already over), but I think the place is pretty cool. Too bad there seems to be no hackerspace in Barcelona…

After a while we went out for dinner, and sitting at the restaurant we found Vincent. Back at the hotel I had a drink with some Canonical folks, and finally I went to sleep and discovered who my room mate would be: Juanjo.

Monday 26 & Tuesday 27

On Monday I went to the design thinking workshop out of curiosity for what that’d be, and it turned out to be an interesting experience. I’d have preferred if they had chosen another topic, though, since “How might we simplify the handling of digital information?” is something I’ve been working on and thinking about for the past year so I have my mind pretty much made up on this topic.

I met several Google Summer of Code students and the GNOME Shell team, I infiltrated myself into the GSoC dinner and participated in the soccer match Tuesday evening.

Wednesday 28

Wednesday, my first GUADEC starts! Opening talk, Web, Who makes GNOME, State of GNOME Shell, Shell Yes!, GNOME: State of the Union (most funny talk ever), Crypto, Clutter, Clutter.

See the GUADEC blog and Steph’s blog posts for more details.

Once the venue closed I went with Will and Steph to the Canonical party and eventually we arrived there.

Thursday 29

After just five hours of needed sleep I had Seif on the phone waking me up. He and Thorsten had just arrived, and we started working on the slides for our talk. I went to the Haagse Hogeschool and assisted to part of Emmanuele’s “So you think you can release?” talk. Then, after Youness joined us, we finished this: Zeitgeist Slides – GUADEC 2010, and finally it was time for our presentation where we talked about the state of Zeitgeist and introduced Teamgeist.

I attended several other talks (JavaScript, How a Free Desktop can help -and hinder- Free Speech, GNOME 3 and Your Application and Malware threats to a Linux Desktop by Thorsten Sick), and finally there was a GNOME Shell dinner at an Indian place. After that we all went to the Collabora Beach Party until they started closing up.

See also: GUADEC blog, Steph’s blog.

Friday 30

Adrien familiarized us with his work making it easy to making GNOME more connected by accessing online information through Tracker, there was more talk about how we need to embrace the web (using web technologies for easier development and also integrating online data into our applications was a very recurring topic all along GUADEC), Fabrice Mous keynote gave me another example of how governments suck at throwing money around, there was a talk on the future of Cairo and finally Danilo talked about Launchpad.

GUADEC closed with the announcement that the next Desktop Summit will be in Berlin (cool, maybe I’ll get to see the c-base then?) and after helping clean up the kilometric mess of network cables (btw, kudos to everyone who helped organizing GUADEC – you guys rock!) I headed to the RevSpace again for the afterparty for ice cream and many games of pinball! On the way back to the hotel Benjamin explained me his secret plans for breaking GNOME.

Again, more here and here.

Satuday 31

Slept until late, hanged around in the hotel lobby for some hours with some other guys (I also passed by RevSpace to see if I could find anyone there, no luck) and finally I took the train back to Amsterdam, ate something there, and for a change I had to wait one hour for the plane to arrive. I’m back in normal life now, but the next GUADEC is only one year away :).