You’ve probably already heard of Jono Bacon’s effort to create a collection of Python snippets and of Acire, the application to browse through them. If you’re interested in developing something with Python you should really take a look at those 115 (and couting!) awesome snippets, ranging from the most basic stuff to more advanced examples on a wide range of topics.

Last Thursday there was a talk on Acire and a snippet creation party (as part of the Ubuntu Opportunistic Developer Week) and someone mentioned it would be nice to have a web interface. So, yesterday I took a couple hours and hacked together a quick script to convert the snippets to HTML, resulting in this snippets directory which you can use to look up stuff when you haven’t Acire at hand or to give links to snippets to other people!

The new web interface to python-snippets!

And now that you’ve read this post, maybe you would like to delve into Clutter, update your application to work with Application Indicator, see how easy it is to get data from Zeitgeist or refresh the knowledge on lists you gained at Rick Spencer’s Python talk?

The code for the snippets generator is available here. Thanks go to Mako Templates, Pygments and Chardet for having made it dead easy to create this page! And, of course, patches are welcome.