My dear Ubuntu,

I think the time has come that I make a confession. You may be wondering why I haven’t spent much time with you those last months, and you have the right to know. The case is, I have another one. She’s called Debian.

No, it’s not because of you. It’s also not because of your parents; while they aren’t perfect, they are great in many ways and I certainly don’t want to run away from then. Just wait and let me explain this. You surely remember that I spent a week with her some time ago? Well, now that I want to join Debian’s family, I decided that after all that wasn’t much time to get to know here, so I gave her another chance, and with this second experience I fell in love with her unstable character. Ubuntu, you are really extraordinary, and I’m still telling anyone who wants to listen about your wonders, but you just can’t appease my desire for trying out new things as well as Debian does.

Now, this doesn’t mean we won’t see each other anymore. I’ll still take you with me whenever I travel, and I’ll continue helping you with the household. In fact, all this wouldn’t signify a big change at all, if it wasn’t that at the same time I also decided to refocus most of my efforts on raising children, which is what really reduced the time I spent helping you.

So, while currently I’m not seeing you as much as before, I hope you all the best, and I’ll still try to help you advance, be it indirectly (1, 2) or, while probably to a lesser degree, continuing with direct contributions.

By the way, hello Planet Debian!