gnome-sponsored-badgeSo here we are at the Zeitgeist Hackfest and there’s quite some stuff going on.

From the engine side we are implementing a new database and API which does a clean cut between what is event logging and what is repository functionality. What this means for Zeitgeist is that we won’t do annotations anymore and that the basic information Zeitgeist has about items will be about those at the time of the event – for anything else there is Tracker (I tried out the new version from git yesterday and it really rocks, it’s nothing like 0.6).

We are also implementing focus tracking and the algorithms for the fancy stuff (contextual relevancy over time, focus time of documents/applications, etc).

Seif, Markus and Ivan at the blackboard

Blackboards saved us a lot of time. In the image: Seif Lotfy, Ivan Frade (Tracker) and Markus Korn.

The User Interface team also has some quite nice design ideas. For the non-developers out there, there’ll be something (alpha-quality!) to try out soon.