One month after the first Zeitgeist release (0.2), here is Zeitgeist 0.2.1! This version, which is fully backwards compatible with the previous release, fixes a couple of issues, provides enhanced performance and removes the dependency on Storm and on a patches PyGTK+ version.

Here is the full changelog:

- Added compatibility with Python version 2.5.
- Removed the Storm dependency, obtaining general performance improvements.
- Removed the need for a patched PyGTK.
- Made the GtkRecentlyUser logger more robust (fixes an infinit loop on some
- Improved performance of DeleteItems and UpdateItems.
- Fixed a problem with the contents of the EventsChanged signal.
- Fixed InsertEvents to enforce "mimetype" as a required value.
- Fixed a bug where the sorting_asc=True in FindEvents would be ignored if used
together with mode="mostused" (LP: #404947).
- Highly improved caching.
- Added a "--quit" option to zeitgeist-daemon to stop any running daemon.
- General code improvements, new test cases and other minor fixes.

Additionally, it also adds the possibility to use a list of strings (instead of just a single string) as value for the “uri” and “name” filters; if used, the condition between the different values in the list is OR (so you can do, for example, "name": [u"%ubuntu%", u"%debian%"] to get all those items with either “ubuntu” or “debian” in their name).

Go get it here! (Note: Zeitgeist by itself doesn’t provide any user interface and shouldn’t be relevant to end users. However, a GTK+ interface depending on it should be available soon, followed by GNOME Shell and other products which will also use it.)