It’s already a few months since my two posts on gnome-shell, so here is another one. I hadn’t looked at it for some time, but now I’ve checked it out again and although the visible changes aren’t all too big you can see it has a bit more form now (FUSA works now on it, you can move windows from one workspace to another, the transition from the desktop to the overlay window has got a better looking animation, etc). For those who want to try it out, I’ve updated my post with the installation instructions, but following those from the official wiki should achieve the same now.

In case you are running Ubuntu Jaunty, at the moment you’ll get a build failure trying to compile gir-repository, but you can easily workaround it by opening file «~/gnome-shell/install/bin/g-ir-scanner» in your favourite text editor and changing «site-packages» in line 41 to «dist-packages»; if you’re using Ubuntu 64 bits you’ll also need to change the value of «libdir» at line 37 from «lib64» to just «lib» .

Anyway, so let’s go to the actual reason for writing this post. David Jordan has been asking about the windows list in #gnome-shell (server and I offered to ask the question here so that it arrives to more people. So here it is:

What do people like or dislike about the current GNOME window-list?

Tell us your opinion in a comment, or jump into #gnome-shell and speak with David himelf (alias dmj726).