Freevial is a trivia-like questions and answers game which has been created by the Catalan LoCo Team. We play at least one match at all our events and its great fun, so we have decided that we want to go international and share it with any other group who wants to use it. You can see how it looks in this video:

Now that you’ve seen how cool it is, go grab it here (yes, the Jaunty version will work fine on Intrepid; in case you’re not comfortable with this, expect a backport within the next days.

Currently it only includes Catalan questions, but with the help of you all we hope to get categories in lots of different languages! If you have a bit of spare team, join #freevial on and we’ll help you to start working on some category in your language (there’s a web editor to write questions, thanks to Arnau Alcázar). We’d love to see other LoCo Teams (or even groups completely unrelated to Ubuntu) using it!