Sorry to disappoint you, but yes, this boring guy is still around and bloggin’ :).

With school, a WordPress upgrade (see below for more details), the strange fact that I only have ideas for posts when I can’t write them, etc. this has been pretty abandoned for some months but well, I guess I’ll be posting something from time to time again, and as a start I thought that I might write one of those nice random-stuff-which-nobody-wants-to-know posts.

First of all, I now understand why there were that many “Yay! I upgraded WordPress!” posts. After skipping two new versions I decided to finally upgrade as there were some important security fixes, but for some reason it failed to update the database correctly and my blog was kinda broken for some weeks until I took the time to mess with it and create the new tables manually… I hope that everything works again now, please tell me if you find something that doesn’t. Ah, and of course they’ve already released a new version by now… Let’s see when I upgrade to that one :P.

The important stuff
Just two posts ago I explained that I had become an Ubuntu Member. Well, now I’m also a MOTU :). I’ve also become 17 two months ago, but as by that time the blog was already broken I couldn’t write one of those cool “myself.age += 1” posts xD.

Packaging Jam
I’ll be running a little Packaging Jam together with Jonathan Davies during our LoCo Team’s Hardy Release party (in Catalan). So if you speak Catalan, always wanted to learn how that packaging stuff works and and happen to be near Caldes de Montbui the 26th of this month, have a look at this wiki page (in Catalan) and inscribe yourself.

Shell history memo
Well, everyone is doing this, so I can’t be less:
[rainct, ~]$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
70 geany
68 bzr
59 cd
25 ls
24 rm
22 cat
16 egrep
16 apt-cache
14 debuild
11 ping