I was about to do some work for GNOME Shell’s “Run Dialog” when Colin Walters raised an interesting question: «<walters> I’m sort of unsure actually whether it makes sense to have a run dialog; seems to overlap a lot with where we want to go with the overlay search» (clarification: overlay is the mode into which gnome-shell enters when you press the “Activities” button – see this screenshot to see how it looks).

So, reformulating his words to an actual question, what’s the point of having a “Run” dialog when applications can already be searched for and launched from the overlay screen? Removing this would avoid duplication and free the Alt+F2 keyboard combination so that it can be used to enter/exit overlay mode (the “super” key is already used for this, but some keyboards don’t have it). On the other hand, launching applications which have no menu entry, or calling an application with some special parameter, would have to be done from the terminal.

What do you think about this? Are we missing any use case? Could you live without the Run dialog (having gnome-shell’s awesome overlay mode)? Comment!