It was somewhat around one and half years ago when I discovered Planet Ubuntu and started reading the thoughts that many of these great persons that make Ubuntu possible take the time to write down there. Some months later I stumbled upon the list of LoCo Teams, and seeing that there was something going on about a Catalan Team (which was an inactive project when I read about it the first time) I immediately joined it’s mailing list, with the time becoming an active member of it.

Not much time had passed when, early this summer, after I had been messing a bit with Launchpad, I had the idea to visit the #ubuntu-motu channel and perhaps try fixing some little bug; and well, that’s how the evil awesome guys there achieved to wash my mind letting me forget about the web projects I was working on by that time and helped me to successfully start contributing to Ubuntu with packaging related stuff :D.

So that’s the story of how that «planet were many great Ubuntu guys post», became the «planet were many great Ubuntu Members post and were my messages might appear, too, some day», and now is «the planet for which I’m writing this message right now».

Well, what more can I say now that I got you all bored, beside this last words?

Join us now and package software;
You’ll enjoy it, MOTU Contributors, you’ll enjoy it.